My Pop Gun

Our Family began manufacturing and selling Pop Guns in 1989 (24 years ago).

The first Pop Guns, produced and sold, were basically similar to the ones we manufacture today.

We started the Pop Gun business in order to provide some extra money for our Children.

The Pop Guns quickly became a very popular, at local Craft Shows and Fairs, throughout Texas and parts of Louisiana.

We were very fortunate in that the demand for Pop Guns almost always exceeded, our supply.

We had to develop better ways to produce Our Pop Gun, without sacrificing the Quality.

Today we use a computerize Numerical Control (CNC) machine to cut the stock portion of the Pop Gun, allowing us to produce more Pop Guns while maintaining the Quality control of the product.

We also have replaced the Cork Stopper with a more durable silicone stopper.

The New stopper solved the problem that was associated with the cork just wearing out, or broken after repeatedly being popped.

My Pop Gun is Produced and Marketed by: My Pop Gun     Located in Rio Hondo, Texas 78583.

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