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reviewGood classic toy
February 16, 2015
Very well made toy! Our grandchildren love these! – See all my reviews
reviewQuality product and easy to use for our 3yo son
February 15, 2015
Quality product and easy to use for our 3yo son. He loves his pop guns. And glad it came with two so he and my hubby can play together! – See all my reviews
February 5, 2015
Kids love it. Great gift! – See all my reviews
reviewGreat fun and a great company!
February 2, 2015
We ordered this pop gun for my 3yr old’s birthday. He LOVES it. It gets so much use! Even my toddler and older boys(10 & 7) enjoy playing with it. The gun stock did split, but the owners of the company responded to my email very promptly and sent the replacement part completely free of charge, with no question as to how it was broken. And I am pretty sure it was broken by normal 3 yr old craziness! Not only did they send us the replacement part promptly, but the owners said this in the email to me, “I deeply apologize for the gun stock breaking, and will send out a replacement …I certainly appreciate your purchase, and allowing us to replace the broken part. We have currently replaced the material we were using for the gun stock, with a pine Stock, the White Pine stock does not split like the previous stock made from MDF did.” I can not tell you how pleased I am, and how thrilled I am that there is a company that functions with integrity and kindness. They truly went above and beyond what I expected! – See all my reviews
reviewGreat American Product
January 26, 2015
Great American Product, the kids got some tech gadgets but were more interested in these plain beautiful toys
, Got delivered on time. Thank You. – See all my reviews
reviewGreat product and great service.
January 10, 2015
These came from Santa’s workshop just in time to be under the tree for my 2 and 4 year olds. As they tend to do, they were playing rough and split the stock on one of them within a week. I got terrific response time and service when I inquired about replacing the stock. I had a brand new stock made of improved materials at my house in 2 days with another awesome gift in the bag.
This is a homegrown American company right here folks. Buy here and enjoy what you’re getting. Run around with the kiddo in the yard and have a popgun battle like you’re a kid again. You won’t regret it – See all my reviews
reviewFive Stars
January 3, 2015
My 4 and 2 year olds loved them. Perfect gifts! – See all my reviews
reviewFive Stars
December 28, 2014
My grandsons love these. Fun and no parts to lose! – See all my reviews
reviewThese were and are great. Work great for 3-5 year old grandsons
December 26, 2014
These were and are great. Work great for 3-5 year old grandsons. Are smaller than expected ,but turned out the perfect size. They love them! – See all my reviews
reviewThe boys loved these fun simple toys
December 23, 2014
I bought the two pack for my sons birthday. The boys loved these fun simple toys. A few months later the stock handle of one of the guns cracked. I emailed the company and they sent me a whole new gun very quickly and at no additional charge to me. I know these aren’t flashy but they are super fun and you find yourself as an adult loading them and popping them all of the time. Great product, great customer service! – See all my reviews
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