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reviewFive Stars
September 17, 2015
My son loves this toy – See all my reviews
reviewThese are great. A lot of fun for our son and …
August 26, 2015
These are great. A lot of fun for our son and the perfect first gun to teach gun safety with. They are fun, yet harmless, and we are big on teaching proper gun safety so our son is learning proper handling, care, & safety rules. Well made & consistently fun to play with! – See all my reviews
reviewFive Stars
August 13, 2015
Grandsons love them classic American toy . Bullet proof very satisfied! – See all my reviews
reviewHigh quality fun. Would absolutely rexommend
August 8, 2015
Bought this for my sons, they’ve been playing with it for almost a week now and showing no signs of being done with them – that’s the true test of a kids toy! High quality fun. Would absolutely rexommend. – See all my reviews
reviewmy nephew loves the pop guns,, i was …
August 1, 2015
my nephew loves the pop guns,,i was only expecting one in the mail didnt know they came in pairs,,now me and my 2 year old nephew run around the house popping the cork at each other,,he gets such a big chuckle out of this gun…guns are made in America too : ) – See all my reviews
reviewFive Stars
July 27, 2015
My kids love these! Great classic toy! – See all my reviews
reviewPop Guns saved my family!
July 5, 2015
This has been the best product I have ever bought. The guns themselves are very useful to ward off invading dust bunnies. You can never be too careful when a dust bunny decides to rear its ugly head. The constant barrage of “Pop!” “Pop!” “Pop!” has protected my family for many months now. The delight on the eyes of the children as they opened their self-defense tools paled in comparison to my husband who saw the true gift of the magi that these guns were going to be. He marches up and down the hallway in full tactical gear. A pop gun in one hand, Swiffer in the other. My home is truly a safer place thanks to these Patriotic Pop Guns. I would highly recommend this product. – See all my reviews
reviewGreat value. Super resilient.
June 24, 2015
Super cute! Great size and very durable. My boys are having a blast with these. Usually my boys can break something within minutes but these have held up very well. – See all my reviews
reviewFive Stars
June 22, 2015
3 year old grandson loves it – See all my reviews
reviewFun for the kids!
June 5, 2015
Bought this as a birthday gift for my now four year old. He loves it! (as do all his siblings….one of my daughters complained that the boys have the “cool” gifts! so I guess I’ll be ordering another one for her this fall 🙂 ) The gun is sturdy, easy to use, and not too loud. Though this was mailed out by Amazon, the CSMMLLC company actually sent an email to tell me about their company and their commitment to the product. I was surprised by the email, and feel quite certain that should a problem arise, the company will take care of it. – See all my reviews
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